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Now this project was quite interesting. The client was clear in the thought that they wanted “neutral” and “earthy” design tones for their dream home. This was good news to me, as “neutral” tones are always in style.

I set about structuring the interiors around a classic and timeless theme. Keeping in mind the overall connect to nature, I chose Brown as the major stable colour. The beauty about Brown colour is that it is a familiar shade and reflects a down to earth lifestyle. I wanted to create an ambience of longevity for the surfaces, which is why I seamlessly blended in subtle shades of grey and black. The haunting and bold profile of Black always makes a strong statement about the interiors. For beautifully complementing the overall look, I strategically selected the furniture fabrics in the same tone for achieving an evenly balanced look, and avoided mixing light and dark colours. For visually pulling the diverse pieces together in complete harmony, I sprinkled green and blue accents evenly across the decor.

The warm blue Gray walls serve as appropriate backdrops, complimenting the combination.Overall, the home speaks the rustic language and allows the residents to have a relaxing atmosphere by letting the natural elements shine.

Area    1500 sq.ft.

Location : Andheri (W), Mumbai

My Design Philosophy:

While designing a space the most important thing that we try to create are good, positive vibes. only then can you design a beautiful functional space not only for your eyes to see but also for your overall well being. There has to be a right balance between all the elements for the livable space to be converted into an inspiriting haven.

Shweta Shetty had the privilege of being tutored one on one through seminars and project presentations. She used this advanced knowledge to formulate aesthetic designs during her early career and now building sustainable and beautiful architecture designs for clients has become her prime motive.

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