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Getting noticed was the agenda. The client loves all things colourful and bright. This was the brief given to me and from the word go I knew my brief meant "panache" and emotional connection. Every room had a story to tell, every room had an individual from a different age group and so different work abilities.

I knew my answer lay in the use of colours for this project. So from a chirpy and lively living room it moved to more serene and calming bedrooms. When we walk into each room the need for an emotional tug was well captured by the colours used. This also contributed to the overall aesthetics .There is crispiness and freshness in every corner of the house.

The use of the beautiful opera Italian marble floor instead of the regular cream and whites added a sophisticated touch to the overall aesthetics. The marble provided for a unified backdrop with the layers on top of it. Adding shades and hues of pink to the living room gave it an essence of nurturing.

Area    1700 sq. ft.

Location : Andheri, Mumbai

My Design Philosophy:

While designing a space the most important thing that we try to create are good, positive vibes. only then can you design a beautiful functional space not only for your eyes to see but also for your overall well being. There has to be a right balance between all the elements for the livable space to be converted into an inspiriting haven.

Shweta Shetty had the privilege of being tutored one on one through seminars and project presentations. She used this advanced knowledge to formulate aesthetic designs during her early career and now building sustainable and beautiful architecture designs for clients has become her prime motive.

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