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Neuroarchitecture in Interior Designing

BY SHWETASHETTY | February 2020

A saying which is forever engraved in my mind remarks that “Houses do not merely provide physical shelter to us. In addition to housing our fragile bodies, they even house our minds, memories, desires, and dreams”. Thus, Neuroarchitecture as a discipline is equivalent to this principle and is particularly important to me in my design conceptions that are created to works for the human lifestyle.

What is Neuroarchitecture?

It's a collaborative science that shows how your environment modifies your brain chemistry and its various behaviors by trigging emotions at your home by creating an impact in your minds.

What are the 4 Golden Principles of Neuroarchitecture ?

  • Sensation and Perceptions
  • Learning and Memory
  • Decision making
  • New experiences
  • Now, let’s take a deeper look into these four principles of Neuroarchitecture to get a better understanding of the scientific advantages that you can utilize while making your home designing decisions.

Sensation and Perception

Colors are impactful and very important in every environment. Color green reduces heart rate and relieves stress. Thus, green will add to quicker decision making and generally a more positive attitude of the observer. So, bring in those plants which inherently connects us directly to nature. On the other hand, reds stimulate cognitive and attention processes in our minds. Therefore, they are great to have in your space to help you in tasks that require mental concentration.
Lights also play a very crucial role and should be used in the home to reciprocate. Dimmers are like magic wands in an Architect’s kitty. They help the body to adapt to the cycle of day and night when you appropriately adjust the lightings based upon the environment. Better lights in the house can make your stimuli feel the vibe of the environment to its fullest.

Learning and Memory

The primary focus here is on shapes, structures, and movement. Furniture with extreme pointed edges needs to be avoided as they favor negative vibes and stress which can even make you feel uneasy at your house. Rounded edges or smoother free-flowing furniture on the other hand encourages more brain activity and keeps the frame of your mind healthy and delightful the whole day. Like, like how a straight-lined sofa can be well highlighted with cushions and throws. You can always make your space more interesting with soft, fluffy or colorful furniture and décor items to glorify the whole vibration of your space.

Decision Making

Our brain is designed to keep on functioning which makes micro-decisions all day long. Our home is the only space where we can dictate the amount of stimulation or serenity that we can provide to our brains. So, we need to make simple changes like reducing the amount of clutter we are surrounded by to make it feel more composed. It helps us reduce the wastage of valuable brainpower that we use every time we see the clutter at our home. Open and free space at your home can help your mind stay active by letting you think about more important stuff in your life. In a way its educing chaos and disarray to lead you to remain focused on getting result-oriented solutions. Incorporate cozy pockets at home like a little reading corner or a gardening nook where you can transform dull idyllic thoughts into creative zany realities which provides your mind with the space for improved decision making.

New Experiences

Nothing is more salubrious than a beautiful view offered by mother nature. Therefore, the key is the optimum utilization of windows and balconies to bring in nature at your home. Whether it is about the placement of furniture around a window or the calculative concentration of light filtering into our homes. Combine different materials, shapes, patterns, and textures enhancing their innate properties. At the same time, the design weaves a story through these different mediums and finally tells a singular amalgamated story. The emphasis on these micro details is what finally helps to nail the macro planning for turning your house into an absolute home of wonders.

Check out these projects, completed by utilizing the supreme power of Neuroarchitecture on every corner at the home.

Expert Advice

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