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Kanso is one of the seven principles of the zen philosophy which allows wabi-sabi, wabi (transient and stark beauty) and sabi (the beauty of nature and aging), both of which are an important part of daily life, incorporating the old with modern principles. Especially in interior design, kanso can be translated as the elimination of clutter in favour of simplicity. The most important thing when applying kanso to daily life is to not think in terms of decoration, but rather in terms of clarity. It is therefore vital to leave out or exclude anything that is not essential.

This concept nailed the brief as the client wanted the interiors to reflect his state of mind and not be flamboyant. For me the challenge was the space had to exude sophistication at the same time.

So furniture was kept to the bare minimum and emphasis was given to the decor items collected over extensive travel journeys around the world. Use of stone also gave the required sturdiness to the overall design.

Area    1500 sq. ft.

Location : Lokhandwala, Mumbai

My Design Philosophy:

While designing a space the most important thing that we try to create are good, positive vibes. only then can you design a beautiful functional space not only for your eyes to see but also for your overall well being. There has to be a right balance between all the elements for the livable space to be converted into an inspiriting haven.

Shweta Shetty had the privilege of being tutored one on one through seminars and project presentations. She used this advanced knowledge to formulate aesthetic designs during her early career and now building sustainable and beautiful architecture designs for clients has become her prime motive.

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