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The client's brief had only 2 requisites; Needs to be kept open and look spacious. Their love for wood and the dramatic white is all needed to make the space come alive. It is designed like a modern masterpiece that combines elaboration with warmth and timeless elegance. It borrows from the best elements of two contrasting worlds. White keeps things modern and allows you to add accents with ease. Wood on the other hand gives the home that much needed element of ‘coziness’.

The bedrooms were solely designed as a place for "me time", a place to relax and unwind. Outfitting the rooms in soothing colours gave it a quality of finis while use of calming greens, beiges and mauves worked well to create a peaceful, serene feeling.

The kitchen to parts an element of subdued elegance. The open plan kitchen was planned to integrate with the rest of the home. The layout has fewer walls and more open space that is dedicated to both function and showcase. Pop of colours and a tiny island tie things together and truly define this space. The seamless transition from living to kitchen and bedrooms truly define and further improve the quality of space.

Area    1700 sq. ft.

Location : Lokhandwala, Mumbai

My Design Philosophy:

While designing a space the most important thing that we try to create are good, positive vibes. only then can you design a beautiful functional space not only for your eyes to see but also for your overall well being. There has to be a right balance between all the elements for the livable space to be converted into an inspiriting haven.

Shweta Shetty had the privilege of being tutored one on one through seminars and project presentations. She used this advanced knowledge to formulate aesthetic designs during her early career and now building sustainable and beautiful architecture designs for clients has become her prime motive.

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